Ben Teck…turning contacts into contracts.

We’ve been making contacts in these industries, and many others, for over 30 years. Whether you need one part for a R&D project or thousands to fulfill a large order, we can help. All of our suppliers are ISO certified and meet all requirements to operate under SOMWBA certification. Call us to learn how we can make a profitable, productive contact for you.

Sheet Metal

Our minority-owned suppliers are the experts in designing, tooling and manufacturing precision metal products for your commercial, industrial or government projects.

From simple, single parts to complex, valued-added assemblies, Ben Teck will find the sheet metal you need from a minority supplier that delivers on price, quality and service.

Give us your blueprint today and watch your dock-to-stock item arrive on time!

Metal Machining

Our minority-owned suppliers are the best source for your state-of-the-art metal machining needs. Ben Teck has access to metal machining companies that consistently deliver on price, quality and service.

When your projects call for top-quality precision sheet metal fabrication, you can count on Ben Teck’s team of minority-owned metal machining firms. We’ll work with you to ensure you receive work that maximizes your profitability and productivity.

From conception to design to implementation, Ben Teck partners with you for all you metal machining needs.

Metal Stamping

Your metal stamping needs are filled with speed, accuracy and quality when you partner with Ben Teck.

Our minority-owned suppliers offer exceptional metal stamped parts for your new and existing products, for every phase of the prototype process. You’ll see your product specs are met and your production costs are maximized with every project you complete with Ben Teck.


When you need electronic and electrical wire and cable for your commercial, industrial or
government projects, and you want to use minority-owned suppliers, Ben Teck is your one-stop shop.

With access to the best minority-owned wire and cable firms in the business, we help ensure
your project needs are met accurately, quickly and with unmatched attention to quality. Whether
you need in-stock, custom made or custom specialty cables, Ben Teck can find the best available
products for your project.

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Ben Teck has the experience and capabilities required to meet the sheet metal fabrication needs of large and small customers alike. We have 30 years of experience, a 28,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility, and have made a significant investment in new equipment technology over recent years. Our “Lights Out” automation process means our equipment can produce your components through the night, providing the ultimate in production efficiency.

Mechanical Assembly

An integral part of our manufacturing operation is our Mechanical Assembly shop. It is equipped with complete assembly and testing equipment. Our assembly operations are a “Value Added” service for our customers that allow “One Stop Shopping” reducing the need for multiple suppliers.

Our in house processes include but are not limited to:

  • Component Assembly
  • Hardware Insert Installation
  • Adhesive Bonding/Sealing
  • Shrink Fitting
  • Part Marking/Stenciling
  • Press Fitting
  • Gasket and card guide installation
  • Pressure testing
  • Pressure drop testing
  • Flow testing
  • Helium Leak testing

Aluminum Dip Brazing

Dip brazing is the universally accepted process for fabricating aluminum assemblies. As dip brazing is an immersion process, every joint, regardless of how intricate or complex the assembly may be, is brazed. The strength of these joints is, in most cases, as strong as the base metal itself. Also, as dip brazing subjects the entire assembly to uniform heating, there is minimal physical distortion, allowing for consistent dimensional accuracy. Dip brazing can reduce, and in some cases, eliminate costly post machining operations.

Through the continual upgrading of our equipment, and training of our technicians, we have become an industry leader in the dip brazing field.