BenteckOLDBen Teck specializes in providing full service vertically integrated precision sheet metal fabrication and machining for both prototyping and production requirements. Our company culture is customer-driven, and all efforts are focused on being recognized by our customers as the most innovative, reliable and responsive organization in the industry.

Like any company in business today, the bottom line is finding ways to reduce cost. Ben Teck believes that our services, coupled with our proven methods, will help you achieve quicker cost reductions.

These methods include: lean manufacturing practices, real-time job tracking software, and dedicated customer service relationships

Ben Teck is a leader in supporting your requirements with our contacts. We have saved our customers a great deal of money as a result of offering this service. Many of our contacts are minority or DBE certified helping you reach your minority participating goals. We pride ourselves on working closely with our customers to reduce the cost of manufacturing their products.